Vair celebrates your sacredness with sumptuous fragrances, precious oils, hot massage and rejuvenating waters.

The woman is a divine heartbeat. A heart that gets excited, a soft and sweet body, a open and vibrant mind. With its refined elegance and intensity of its being she is a light living in the world.

Vair knows it and deals with attention and love your wonderful complexity with intense treatments and exciting packages.

Art of hands and herbs, facial and body treatments, exciting trips as Tarant and Zaffir are experiences in which you rediscover, with gentleness and power, the preciousness of your body and your spirit.

The secret is being able to give birth to THAT little bubble that comes from deep within and is different from any other. From there it’s done, because the regeneration will occur in any case: the treatments that follow serve only to foster it, discover it, snap it and make the female receptive.

Patrizia Bortolin, Spa Director Vair



Allow yourself the time to take back your womanhood. It’s a time without scanning hours. A time only yours, that in Vair becomes genuine emotion, deep care, hot joy coming from within.


Amber tones and regenerating silence, genuine perfumes, fresh waters surround you, hands that run through your body with respect and love. And your finding yourself. The authentic one.

In Vair you will thrill to:

• the rediscovery of your creative potential
• the pleasure of beauty and well-being of your body
• the revival of intuition and wonder
• the genuine contact with the sense of you
• an inner security never experienced before.

Intensive programs and sumptuous treatments bring your inner beauty to its authentic light, celebrating the wonderful natural sensuality of your body.

A selection of Vair experiences dedicated to women

U STESS : Surprising facial cleansing with a vintage touch

This is our deep cleansing facial revealing astonishingly clear skin. While this is an intense treatment, using active skincare products, it is not in the least traumatic. Your skin will lighten and tone, thanks to the techniques of a well-experienced facial therapist combining vision and the tradition of a vintage beauty salon.
70 minutes

Artisanal Manicure and Pedicure

Manicures and pedicures at Vair do not use chemicals. We have developed an all-natural, Puglian-style treatment for the care of hands and feet using salt to scrub, olive oil to massage, lemon to clean and fig milk to wrap for softening the skin.
40 minutes
60 minutes, with polish

NZEPPET’T (Dressed up) : Hair and make-up

HAIR: Gianfranco and his team are best described as artists, holding the image of ‘woman’ with their creative vision for every client. Their intuitive approach aims at making every woman feel good about herself and her self image. We offer styling, cutting and colouring, ‘Puglian- style’.
MAKE-UP: Vair offers make-overs and make-up lessons. It’s a great form of therapy to change your make-up routine, observe yourself differently, learn new techniques and play with different looks. We love to ‘play’ with you.
PSYCHO-BEAUTICIAN: At Vair we understand that sometimes a new look can change our frame of mind. It can even be a healing experience when we’re in need of emotional support. We have beauticians who are sensitive to women’s different moods, offering skills to transform the way we feel.