Enchanting experiences of unconditional love and caring
inspired by local, centuries-old techniques and traditional knowledge,
which combine a variety of treatments with different intensity and location.
They all enclose a fascinating story, capable of transmitting
an emotional impact that you can treasure even after the experience.
AMAUR (love)
A gentle touch of the skin can be perceived as a caress for the mind in this embracing
experience designed for a creative woman. A continuous pampering of the whole body is a form
of profound devotion transmitted by the therapist who transforms the experience into an
extremely exquisite sensation. Warm towels and a soft touch, in perfect synergy of natural oils
and beauty rituals for a complete, graceful abandonment.
Ideal for winding down, falling in love with yourself and being open to life.
110 min. 240
ALLA SEKRDOM (all of a sudden)
Free your strength and thoughts. An intense experience meant to realign the masculine part in
you with sudden and unpredictable movements. Created for a young and brilliant man, it
consists of agile gestures performed to surprise and aims to place attention on your body,
reinforce your strength, and stimulate intuition.
110 min. 240
PARAVEIS (paradise)
Two lovers. Two sisters. Two souls linked by a special bond. This experience is pleasantly
enjoyable on your own, but it becomes utterly amazing shared with the person you love.
A moment of engaging relaxation, which takes place in the intimacy of the Spa Suite, an
evocative space specially created to surround yourself with love and peacefulness. Waters of
various temperatures, steam bath session, private personalized outdoor baths and a double
massage, which creates a unique flow of energy between the two souls.
An atmosphere of wellbeing will cuddle and caress you.
110 min. € 640


U MOR (the sea)
A massage performed as if you were in the sea. Waving. Slowing. Relaxing. It takes place using
the typical timing of this element, in waves, one never like another, but all synchronized on
the same fluctuating rhythm. Only a few elements are used such as a salt candle and a light
spray of sea water, accompanied by a lullaby played by Vair’s musicians. Everything will
transform a room into a marvellous bay.
50 min. 140
NAGGHIR (oil expert)
Fluid and dense as the oil that is poured over the skin. This long massage which uses almond
and caper oils has the nurturing property of involving the whole body in a velvety embrace
that goes from your head to your toes. Ideal for discovering a new harmony and tuning-in with
your body.
80 min. 195
LOMA KIAN (full moon)
Silence. Listening. Breath. A light touch with increasing intensity on the head is able to soothe
mental stress and ease thoughts. The scent of caper oil and almond butter carries you into a
graceful state of relaxation that reaches its climax with a foot massage.
50 min. 125

ARANGION (orange)
Orange is the color associated with enthusiasm, cheerfulness and lightness.
A massage dedicated to this color is a vibrant dance of hands on the body to the rhythm of the
heartbeat. A hymn to vitality that wants to donate a sense of joy and spontaneous enthusiasm.
50 min. 150
BLE (blue)
Relaxation. Release. Peace. It is the massage inspired by the colour blue, which in colour
therapy represents serenity, depth and tranquillity. The movements softly slow down. The calm
and regular rhythm follows the one of human breathing.
50 min. 150
The sweet months of motherhood become even sweeter with this aromatic massage dedicated
to future mothers. It’s able to infuse a relaxing, draining or energizing sensation through the use
of essential oils of lavender, carrot or orange. All safe in pregnancy.
An initial personalized session will suggest the most suitable scent for this wonderful moment
of life.
50 min. 140


MASCIOR (masciara)
Inspired by our land and by the ancient wisdom rooted in it, this massage of medium intensity
is dedicated to the ancient Puglian figure of the “masciara”, a local healer who was able to
soothe minor illnesses. It begins with a whispered “magic formula”, keeping your eyes closed,
and goes on using heated stones, warm towels and lavender oil in order to inspire your
complete relaxation.
50 min. 140 / 80 min. 195
SKANGRE (hinges)
Ideal for sportsmen and golfers. By using hot rolled towels strategically placed, it will help
release all the tension in your back or legs. This technique is based on ancient rituals used to
relieve muscular pain, and is combined with a massage performed by the expert hands of a
50 min. 135
U BERAFATT (beautiful)
Vigorous. Energetic. Intense. A massage that aims to realign the entire body structure by
stimulating a complete relaxation. It combines different stretching techniques and deep
movements, various degrees of pressure applied to specific areas, softened and blended with
natural olive oil.
50 min. 140 / 80 min. 195
RIT I CUST (back)
All the strength of olive trees enclosed in a relaxing massage which aims to loosen up back
muscles. It is ideal for soothing the accumulated tension and for relaxing back and neck
50 min. 125

STREKKÈ (squeeze)
Rhythmic or relaxing. Evocative or energizing. Personalized massage based on the particular
needs expressed by the body, that can be carried out with different techniques by specialized
therapists: from sporting contractures that require intense manual skills and lengthening, to the
more relaxing Swedish technique, from the intensity of myofascial to the lightness of the
Ortho-bionomy. Its characteristic is to be performed exclusively by the Vair’s specialized male
50 min. 165 / 80 min. 195
APPIC (turn on)
Unique as the prickly pear, a typical fruit of this region. Modeling and stimulating massage,
energizing and dynamic, more specific on the areas such as legs, core and glutes. An intense
revitalization of the body thanks to the properties of prickly pear oil.
50 min. 125
AVASTE (stop)
Purified with fire. Nothing sounds more fascinating than this detox technique of ancient
origins. Glass spheres heated by fire and placed on the body, with the strong purifying purpose
of unleashing tension. Ideal for those who want to feel lighter and better by eliminating toxins.
50 min. 125


ABBEL BEL (slowly)
An invitation to breathe peacefully, synchronizing on a slow, calm pace, without haste, a bit
like the Puglian lifestyle. A sentimental treatment that is a combination of pure scents made
from both fresh aromatic herbs just harvested in our garden and rare natural products, which
alone have the power to transport the soul to a graceful, relaxing dimension. Lavender and
rosemary, apricot and cherry oil are just some of the inspiring perfumes that will accompany
you on this journey.
50 min. 125 / 70 min. 175
BEDDA (beautiful)
Beauty comes from within and it translates into a radiant and resplendent face filled with
renewed unconditional happiness. Cosmetics which are carefully chosen and in line with
Vair’s philosophy, are lovingly applied with experience, thus donating new elasticity and
brightness to your skin. Suitable for all skin types.
50 min. 165 / 70 min. 195
U STESS (the usual)
A clean and refreshed face reveals what you are inside.
A deep cleansing with a vintage touch to brighten up your skin using energetic and lively
rhythms with the unconventional application of oils, butters and mud masks. It restores vitality
and tones-up your facial expression.
70 min. 195
FACC’ A FACC’ (face to face)
A session with Dora, our expert in facial treatments, and together you will decide on a
personalized facial that will enhance your health and beauty. Precious advice on how to make
your skin look more radiant and a personalized treatment for each guest.
50 min. 195 / 80 min. 220
MBATSCH (in the face)
Personalized mini facial treatment, complementary experience to combine with another
treatment or a body massage.
30 min. 55


ANNASKÈ (smell)
The sense of smell hides meanings which need to be discovered. Strong purification coupled
with the power of pure essential oils in a journey of aromas a living to a peaceful relaxation.
Two hours of treatment dedicated to the whole body and divided into three phases, each
characterized by a different touch: salt scrubs which smooth, soft mud wraps which purify and
a final massage using scented essential oils which relax.
110 min. 300
FACIDD (lapillus)
All the pure energy of a volcano enclosed in a natural thermal scrub combined with a volcanic
mud wrap. A purifying detox treatment that drains and energizes and acts on the whole body
or on specific areas according to individual needs.
Indicated to soothe muscle tension and to lead to complete body relaxation.
70 min. 195
FENODD (pretty)
About two hours in the hands of the experts of the body masks. An intense and highly effective
remodelling treatment combined with a profound massage enriched by a synergy of essential
oils. The feeling is that of a physical liberation by soothing the muscles. It helps to eliminate
toxins and excess fluids, improving the smoothness of the skin.
110 min. 255
A warm caress followed by a glacial embrace. This is pure hydrotherapy inspired by the
Kneipp method set in the intimate atmosphere of the Spa Suite. A poetic path of steam baths,
cold packs, lemon and fresh herb-based hot baths, and purifying cold water jet rinsings.
A hydrotherapy of rare depth and strong sensations.
110 min. 300


Alternative forms of physical exercise strongly grounded in the Puglian territory.
Different kinds of outdoor training set in a combination of coast and countryside landscapes.
Plus a variety of vibrant experiences of liberating activities inspired by the ancient traditional dances from this region.

A STRIGNUL (giggles) Starting from the roots of popular music, passing through the history of the pizzica and the myth of the “taranta”, this joyful lesson with Giuseppe, our charismatic actor, musician and dancer, follows the ritual steps of these local dances leading to the expression and liberation of the body. Through emotional vocalizations and dancing duels to the rhythm of tambourines, you learn to discover the vibrant and vital side of yourself and others.
90 min. € 220 private or couple lesson / € 55 class (minimum 4 people)

NU SUUN VAIR (a true sound) Music therapy. Originality. Instinct. Without speaking, you can reach unexpected feelings of relaxation and sharing. A sophisticated lesson of instinctive liberation with Giovanni, in which you learn musical improvisation, find your sound with others and encourage pure spontaneity and inner harmony. No words. Just sounds and music.
90 min. € 220 private or couple lesson / € 55 class (minimum 4 people)

MUVT (move) Finding your ideal physical form through alternative types of physical activities. Personalized training session, either individually or in a group, that bring a sense of freedom and fun to fitness. A personal trainer will guide everyone either in light or intensive workouts immersed in the sheer beauty of the Puglian countryside. Movement and enjoyment in contact with nature, kissed by the sun and wind.
60 min. € 85 private lesson / € 25 class (minimum 4 people)

IYENGAR YOGA In harmony with yourself. A lesson in the reserved Iyengar studio of Vair dedicated to lovers of the discipline and to those who need to detox from the stress of everyday life. Yoga teachers who have been certified according to the original teachings of Master Iyengar will guide you through an intense and regenerating session. An extraordinary realignment of both the body and the mind in order to reach a higher state of being.
90 min. € 190 private lesson / € 50 class (minimum 4 people)


The care of your own image is a therapeutic art.
From the smoothing of your feet to the love for your hands, all the treatments
are personal experiences with a typical Puglian touch and feature all-natural products from our
own territory such as lemon, fig milk, olive oil and Mediterranean salt.

MAN I PIT – artisanal manicure and pedicure

In a land where the art of handmade is considered one of the greatest qualities, we take care of your hands and feet with a special Puglian style, by using few fresh, wild-harvested ingredients found in our territory. This is a peaceful and relaxing experience with olive oil massage, a salt scrub, a fresh lemon wash and a fig milk wrap. All without the use of tools and water.
50 min. € 70

VELOSC – fast manicure and pedicureFeel ravishing for a special evening with a quick-fix treatment of hands or feet which includes filing and nail polish.
20 min. € 40 with simple nail polish
60 min. € 90 with semi-permanent nail polish
€ 20 semi-permanent nail polish remover

BELLEZZ – hair and makeupMakeup and hairstyle have multiple benefits that are reflected on the whole person and not just on the superficial image. For a special event, for an unforgettable evening out or just to look at yourself differently, our beauty treatments are custom-made and on request.

On request, a gentle epilation service that softens the skin for an incredible smoothness.


A ravishing journey in the pursuit of your inner wellbeing in the heart of Vair and its Roman Baths. Inspired by the ancient customs of the classical Roman baths in the nearby town of Egnathia including Calidarium, Tepidarium and Frigidarium.

SPIRT 120 (wandering without destination)Immerse yourself in the depths of a silent temple among “tufo” walls caressed by flickering candles. This is Spirt 120. An evocative sensorial experience accompanied by a therapist who will guide you through a path of rare depth and poetry in the heart of the Roman Baths. A washing ritual on stone beds – just like in the classical Roman tradition – with purifying waters scented with fresh herbs, followed by a mud and ice massage for a soul-awakening journey from the past.
120 min. € 235 per person / € 410 per couple

SPIRT 80 A poetic, purifying and regenerating guided experience which uses pools of different temperatures, biosauna and scrub with pure Mediterranean sea salt to lift your spirit and calm your mind.
80 min. € 125 per person

SPIRT 50 An introductory itinerary in the heart of Vair, alternating warm and cold water in order to rediscover your vital energy. A perfect preamble to prepare yourself for other treatments.
50 min. € 65 per person

AQUANN (when)Gravity is suspended. Get ready to reach the highest dimension of lightness, losing perception of your body’s weight in this high salinity floatation tank. The sensation is that of total abandonment to the water, combined with sounds that recreate the muffled and protective world of the womb. Total relaxation. A rebirth.
25 min. € 45 / 45 min. € 65


Eliminate the old and welcome the new.
Thanks to the rubbing of natural, granular ingredients
such as Mediterranean pristine salts or sugar, your skin
will result more radiant than ever, intensely softened, nourished and smoothened.

SALT (salty)
Pleasant scrub with pure sea salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Slow, accurate and pleasant, it increases the natural radiance of your skin.
70 min. € 165

DOLC (sweet)
Sweet sensorial scrub using honey and sugar. Excellent results for the skin and inebriating perfume. For women only.
70 min. € 165

A TUTTEVANN (everywhere)
Accurate scrub using pure sea salt, sugar, oils, fresh lemons and natural soap. Smooths every single part of the body.
70 min. € 165

LEMAM (lemon)
Invigorating scrub using fresh lemons and local olive oil followed by the application of a cream made of fig milk. Nourishing for the body and suitable for normal skin.
50 min. € 125

SCONFIDENZA (annoyance and boredom)
Soft scrub using flour and essential oils that increases happiness, order and calm while smoothing the skin.
50 min. € 125


Welcome to Vair.

Feel free to access the Spa in regular clothing or in your bathrobe. We kindly ask you to wear a bathrobe inside the SPA and outside the changing rooms.
During your treatment, we kindly request that you use the disposable items available for you.

We recommend that you leave any valuables in your rooms or lockers available in the changing rooms. The Spa declines all responsibility for objects left unattended.
We kindly ask you to arrive a few minutes before the beginning of your treatment in order to enjoy the full session time.

Our Team is composed both of male and female therapists. It’s not possible to choose your specific therapist but we will try our best to satisfy your requests where possible.

Before your treatment please inform your therapist or the reception about any specific issues (e.g. pregnancy, allergies, blood pressure problems, recent surgeries, medication or pain and discomfort, etc.) or any other problems in order to best assist you.
Use the Spa only if not contraindicated by your doctor and only if your health conditions are good enough to take advantage of the Spa experience.
Guests under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Spa.

Please use a low tone of voice in order to encourage relaxation, yours and of other Spa guests.
The use of cellphones, tablets, cameras and computers is strictly forbidden inside the Spa.
We thank you in advance for leaving these items in the locker rooms.

It is possible to request private massages in your room or in the Villa. For further information, please contact the Vair reception.

Cancellations and rescheduling will be accepted up to 24 hours before the beginning of your  treatment. You will be charged the full amount for any cancellation made after this time.