Psychologist, musician and composer

Gianni heals with sound. He is a master of the art of listening to music as a therapy for change.

As a psychologist, performer and composer, Gianni has created his own unique Nu Suun Vair (A Real Sound) treatment, with instruments and singing.
This musical immersion opens your mind to a new level of relaxation and recalibrates your body to its own innate and unique frequency.
This is an experience of bliss with no words.


Hairs doctor

Gianfranco lives for his passion for styling hair as an art form and therapy. He has the unique ability to read the right style for your personality as well as your physical features. Known at Vair as the ‘hair doctor’ (il dottore dei capelli) he believes that our exterior beauty feeds our inner beauty and soft and healthy hair is food for our soul.


Apulian artist with a fascinating apulian charm.

Giuseppe is a Puglian artist, dancer and musician with a burning sensual appeal. He combines his psychosomatic skills with the local ritualistic dance of the Pizzica. His unique A Strignul is an explosive experience, akin to a game, which allows you to explore relationships through voice, music, movement and the power of body language.


Thomas named Vanity is the artists of the massage, the Strekkè expert, the custom deep massage.

Claudia, the Scorpion, is a psychologist and massage therapist and embodies an unusual and effective combination of heart and mind.

Annalisa, Dora, Rosalia and Marta live on beauty work as an art of the past.

Emanuela and Francesca are travelers searching for meaning and responses and chose massage as a means of research and expression.

Beatrice, nickname “candy“, she’s a fine expression of the beauty and the care.

Roberta whose nickname is Engineer delivers special beauty treatments

In the most intense moments the stars shine: Niccoló, versatile and brilliant therapist, Marco the psychologist and excellent masseur and Cosmica, a hippie original therapist.

Raffaella and Ivana are the handmaidens of the reception, sparkling, light and always bright and welcoming.