Vair offers you a a rich and sumptuous menu: you can taste either the mesmerizing treatments a la carte and feel suddenly regenerated or taste whole programs that intensely take your life to new and unexpected levels.

A custom itinerary inside the SPA makes your experience in Vair even more extraordinary. A round and marvelous journey. Vair does change you, profoundly. With its soul made of amazing people, beautiful horizons and real emotions.

The Team lines up therapists, masseurs, psychologists, naturopaths, musicians, dancers, actors, sportsmen that create harmony and a welcoming atmosphere made of profound and spontaneous sharing.

Get comfortable, pick you experience at Vair’s and enjoy your life for real.


  • Mark Smith
    Under the direction of award-winning spa director, Patrizia Bortolin, the concept unites elements of touch, aromachology, psychology, shamanism, life-coaching and bodywork in the pursuit of health and happiness. Local and indigenous culture provides inspiration for the programmes. Mixed with artistic practices as diverse as yoga, dance and acting, it’s an esoteric and ethereal blend of therapies that is powerful, potent and touches guests on the deepest level. Vair Spa at Borgo Egnazia works to restore and rebalance guest’s emotions, whilst resetting their mind, body and soul.
    Mark Smith
    The Spa Man
  • Leanne Bracey, Balance
    The hotel’s Vair Spa is a space where people come to put preventative measures in place when stress is on the horizon. Or if you find it’s already taken its grip, you can do some deep inner work with one of the more intense programmes. After an initial consultation, the spa’s creator, Patricia Bortolin, tells me that she feels I’ve ‘lost the ability to play and to see body movement as enjoyment, rather than a chore’ – and she’s right. I want to learn how to utilise the healing effects of nature and mindfulness of movement to rediscover the love of exercise I had when I was younger.
    Leanne Bracey, Balance
    April 2017
  • Linda Tol,
    The fourth day was the most exciting day. I was really looking forward to the experience called AVEMMARI. The 80 minutes session with Stefano.( It was my first shaman experience) were super special. During ortho-bionomy the body is gently stimulated using gentle movements, comfortable positioning, brief compression and subtle contact, encouraging the body’s reflexes for self-correction in a way that supports its own healing mechanisms. The result is seemingly effortless pain and tension relief, natural re- alignment, relaxation and a deep sense of well-being. The individual is empowered to participate in their own recovery, and through the process can begin to rediscover the ability to heal and restore comfort, ease and balance back into their body. It’s hard to describe the feeling after the session. But it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. If you ever get the change to do this, you must try.
    Linda Tol,
    December 2016
  • A.
    Thanks for such a fabulous time. It’s been challenging, crazy, enlightening and fun. You and your staff are welcoming and kind. I’ve woken up feeling elated and want to hold onto this feeling!
    march 2016
  • Caroline Lewis
    Vair Spa, perfect for a time-out in an idyllic setting amid the olive groves of the Adriatic coast. In addition to Iyengar yoga sessions, the programme included mindfulness training and a soak in the Roman baths.
    Caroline Lewis
    Harper's Bazaar, April 2017
  • Arianna Garavaglia
    The village in Puglia with programs to revolutionize the daily life surrounded by the olive trees of Savelletri di Fasano lies in Borgo Egnazia. Its Vair Spa has developed several life changing programs to revolutionize the daily life starting from self-care.
    Arianna Garavaglia
    Il Sole 24 Ore
  • S.C.
    Dear Patrizia,I hope my email finds you well. I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you and all your team for a wonderful time at Vair Spa. Really, it was a moving yet uplifting experience - unique, special and much needed. It gave me a few insights to my life going forward. I will certainly make this a great second half 🙂 I would like to personally thank you and Stephano for your thoughts, careful programming and time. Your wonderful team is also a credit to your vision - keep going with that as people need this approach more than anything - its all about that vital human connection and taking home a new approach to life. I must say I enjoyed time with each of your team - all exceptional. I also appreciated trying a different style of spa time and the rare opportunity to relax in good hands. Life gets busy sometimes and when you stop you find you are a little depleted. My resilience levels have been topped up by you and your team. What a treat. Warm wishes and gratitude
  • Gabriel D. Donida
    INTERVIEW PATRIZIA BORTOLIN Spa Director | Vair Spa @ Borgo Egnazia Dear Patrizia, it would be great if you could tell us what are your secret ingredients — not unlike alchemy — that make Vair Spa so powerful for each and every guest? Secret ingredients are - amongst others - the natural power of wonder, the desire to create contagious magic and a growing talent of making beautiful things happen. I‘ve had the privilege to get in touch with secrets of true beauty & happiness that are difficult to explain and I‘m trying to translate them into transformative spa experiences available for everyone. What are your signature treatments — how did you go about designing them and what do you seek to achieve through them? I feel like a poet and a designer when I create Spa experiences and I use my philosophy of a modern Mary Poppins to try and make experiences easier, joyful and beautiful even when there is challenging “homework” to achieve throughout the process. Liebe Patrizia, würdest du uns deine geheimen Zutaten verraten, die jedem einzelnen Gast des Vair Spa so viel Kraft verleihen? Geheime Zutaten sind - neben vielen anderen - die natürliche Kraft der Wunder, der Wunsch, eine ansteckende Magie zu kreieren und das wachsende Talent, schöne Dinge zu verwirklichen. Ich hatte das besondere Privileg, die Geheimnisse von wahrer Schönheit & Glück kennenzulernen, die so schwierig zu erklären sind. Ich versuche daher, diese Erkenntnis in Spa-Erlebnisse umzusetzen und sie so für jeden zugänglich zu machen. Was sind deine Lieblingsanwendungen - wie bist du an die Gestaltung dieser Behandlungen herangegangen und was willst du mit ihnen erreichen? Ich fühle mich fast wie ein Dichter und Designer, wenn ich ein neues Spa-Erlebnis kreiere und ich nutze die Philosophie einer modernen Mary Poppins, um die Erfahrung einfach, aber genussvoll und schön zu verpacken, auch dann, wenn der Prozess mich vor immer neue Herausforderungen stellt. STEFANO BATTAGLIA Concept Supervisor | Vair Spa @ Borgo Egnazia Dear Stefano, can you please tell us what is your driving force or overall personal philosophy? Spirituality saved me and I live my time at the Vair Spa as a precious service. I keep a joyful and playful approach to Life & it‘s rich opportunities, doing my best to keep my heart and my mind clean and open. Patricia and the Vair Spa Team call you their “Shaman” affectionately. Tell us how would you define yourself as a practicioner (for those who do not know you yet)? I don‘t know why they call me their “Shaman”... I‘ve received exceptional technical skills from my Masters, moreover in Ortho-Bionomy & Trauma Touch Skills and I‘ve had the divine chance to meet and spend time with my spiritual Guide, years ago. Me, as Stefano Battaglia, I‘m a natural seeker and a “work in progress”, a human being. Lieber Stefano, bitte erzähle uns, was dein persönlicher Antrieb oder deine Philosophie ist? Spiritualität hat mich gerettet und ich sehe meine Zeit im Vair Spa als sehr kostbar an. Ich habe eine fröhliche und verspielte Einstellung zum Leben und den vielen Möglichkeiten und versuche stets, mein Herz und meine Seele rein und offen zu halten. Patrizia und das Vair Spa Team nennen dich liebevoll ihren „Schamanen“. Wie würdest du dich selbst beschreiben? Ich weiß ehrlich gesagt nicht, warum sie mich ihren Schamanen nennen… Ich habe von meinem Lehrmeister insbesondere in der Ortho-Bionomie und Traumabewältigung außerordentliche Fähigkeiten erlernt und hatte die Möglichkeit, vor Jahren meinen spirituellen Meister zu treffen und einige Zeit mit ihm zu verbringen. Ich, als Stefano Battaglia, bin ein Natursuchender, nicht vollkommen, eben ein ganz normaler Mensch.
    Gabriel D. Donida
    Atelier Voyage
  • Spa de Beaute, pagg.32-33,
    How do you see the future of the Spa? I think that mental well-being and happiness are the deepest needs of our time. Spiritual coaching exists and it is not hard to find. Once you find it, keeping fit and taking care of your beauty becomes an act of gratitude to the body itself. The wellness revolution has already started.
    Spa de Beaute, pagg.32-33,
    interview with Patrizia Bortolin, January 2017
  • The telegraph
    Guest at Vair (meaning ‘true’ in Apulian) can, of course, have a body massage or manicure, but they can also explore the sound of their voice with a musician, or have a facial that’s more of a psychological journey than a mere pore-cleansing sensation. Either way, the therapists create real connections with guests.
    The telegraph
    December 2016
  • Apparences
    Everything here is full of magic, of links with the local reality, spirituality, capable of transforming your stay in exceptional moments, full of new sensations and regenerating.
    December 2016
  • L’Huffington Post,
    The prestigious resort Borgo Egnazia in Savelletri di Fasano (is the same resort of the controversial Madonna stay in Puglia), wins the “Best Wellness Spa Award”. Immersed in the beauty of Apulia, the Spa is called “psicospa” because therapy and relaxation here are a true art: it is called “Vair” and is managed by Patrizia Bortolin and a special team of experts and therapists, including an ortho – bionomysth (Stefano Battaglia) specialized in the care of psychophysical trauma along with spirituality.
  • Insider’s guide to SPAS,
    Vair’s 14 programs blend local traditions and a certain magic . . . This adds wings to a brave and poetic project, an amazing spiritual-alchemic spa, a beautiful location blended with nature, culture, and traditions.
  • Il giornale,
    Patrizia Bortolin, SPA Vair manager at Borgo Egnazia, days ago in Paris won the Black Diamond Award, a prestigious award to her talent, at the head of twenty-five nominations from around the world. She was honored to rout the ten finalists and winner for Best SPA managers 2016. Moreover she invented the very innovative concept of SPA, which she’s directing and inspiring from years.
    Il giornale,
    June 2016
  • Corriere della Sera,
    I met Stefano Battaglia, the “Shaman”, the day before my birthday, at the end of April. I did not know if in the 80 minutes of our time together he would apply a physical or just mental treatment. If he would remain silent, if he would have just looked into my eyes. Will he speak ? Will he question me? nto, vero.